This event took place three months ago which obviously one thing that I should hastily indite with now apart from the subsequent happening upto the degree of our recent trips with my husband (my best travel buddy). However, whatever the preference maybe but ideally – to utter with words – this is a must compose that a blogger should accomplish for. This ought to never-to-be-forgotten piece of writing to share those who haven’t been able to invade in the southern tip of Cebu province esp. in Ginatilan, one of Cebu’s tourist attraction and tourist spots that can be perceived in the quite town of Ginatilan.

A beautiful and serene place ideally for adventure lovers who love's to experience the boisterous sound of a Waterfalls. Truly one of Cebu's famous tourist's destination and favorite spot typically for campers, mountain climbers, rappellers and open to all. This is even ideal for children but they shall ought to be guided with an adult. One of Cebu's great place for group dating and or nature tripping.

Inambacan Falls - Ginatilan, Cebu, Philippines
Past 1:00 am having nocturnal activity while passing through river
We waded through rivers it was dark only our headlamps stands-out and it was already past 1:00AM, it’s somewhat creepy and yet it was rare but amazing.

You will be crossing this bridge on your way going to the falls destination. An estimated 30-45minutes walk before reaching the waterfalls.
One of their captures at the river during the nocturnal activity
One of Ginatilan Cebu's pride... So beautiful a heavenly creation.

This huge volume of waterfalls can put you into lull to sleep.

These are few of Kiosks available at the place.

Going through the falls is quite hazardous and everyone must be cautious, take extra careful with your steps because the road is slippery. Wearing slippers is the most ideal footwear, and or water resistant typed shoes.

Nature perfect

Perfect place for adventure lovers. Scenic view plus serenity.

Scenic view atop of falls.

There is limit accommodation in the area so ideally you have to bring along a tent with you and can stay overnight. You also have to bring long sleeves/jacket and trousers coz it's cold at night time.

Diving is more fun in Cebu.

Secluded where you could find ways to meditate.

Nice spot for swimming, diving and playing in the water.

Cool spot underneath the falls current.

Climb buddies during this adventure.

River along the way meters away from Inambakan Falls
Muddy road in going forth to Ginatilan proper

Trying to fix ourselves good thing there's this water source like mini falls beside a hill along the road miles away from Inambakan Falls.

Fixing up ourselves hence we all got muddy from long trek after leaving Inambakan Falls.

Sinage going to Inambakan Falls

The Ginatilan Cebu town
This is the picture of Ginatilan, Cebu town proper. This road is heading to St. Gregory the Great Parish Church, Municipal Hall and park. Chapel of St. Pedro Calungsod can also be found beside the church. Ginatilan was believed as St. Pedro Calungsod's home town. Cebu's first and Philippines second saint Pedro Calungsod was beatified by Pope John Paul II at Saint Peter's Square in Rome last October 21, 2012.
Where and How to get to Inambakan Falls in Ginatilan, Cebu?

For those who are familiar with Cebu province, travelers must go directly to the South bus terminal and prepare a 5.00Php coin for terminal fee. Ask any staff if you can’t find the Ginatilan bus post. The falls is located at Barangay Calabawan, Ginatilan. Travel time estimated to 4hours maximum. Just don't forget to remind the bus conductor to drop you off at the crossing where heading to the falls. Then from right you should see a post signage “This Way To Inambakan Falls Barangay Calabawan, Ginatilan”, a 3.9 kms ride via habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) and fare cost is Php 170.00.

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Chalet Hills @ Busay Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Photo credits: Athan, Christopher and my hubby

If you are looking for a place to hide away for a seclusion (with your friends/loved ones) while some mountain climbing enthusiasts will prefer to camp at Chalet Hills, an extra ordinary accommodation where to spend an evening esp. on week-end. Backpacking with your camping gadgets, tent and other important camping stuffs, where laying and spending the cold night with natural atmosphere. The hills is situated at Busay Hills, Cebu, City in the province of Cebu.

Going there isn't difficult, if someone has to get familiar with Mountain View Nature's Park, from then trekking for about an hour (or plus) and a short up hill climb before reaching at the peak of the hill. A full magnificent view of Cebu City in 180-360 degrees.

A zoom of so called the RCPI, ABS-CBN & GMA Network towers.

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The Monastery of the Holy Eucharist at Marian Hills Lindogon, Simala, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines
A long two-hour drive to the Monastery is not easy but for those who believe no distance can kill their desire to get to Simala. The castle-like Church is a magnificent view but one has to walk under the heat of the sun and walk through the high stairs to witness how the Marian monks built the Church with grandeur for the love of their faith. ...

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Location: Ga-as, Balamban, Cebu 6000, Philippines
Site features: Ziplining, Wall climbing, Cafe & Restaurant

How To Get There?Via public vehicle: V-hire at Ayala Center or Citilink, then take Balamban via transcentral highway route

Important Guidelines
Zip Line:
Week Days: Php 100.00
Week-ends/Holiday: Php 150.00

Weedays: Php 75.00/activity
Week-End: Php 100.00/activity

Guided Tours:
Caving: Php 250.00 / Pax (min. 5 pax)
Falls: Php 650.00/ 5 Pax

Note: Subject to booking 3 days prior

Contact # 09996812339

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An expression of fear and ignorance but behind it there's an urging feeling to witness and step on to the peak.

An exact post to where uphill slopes seems in difficult and struggling...

Facing the Negros Oriental province.. that place where my bloodline originates. But one thing for sure can be proud of, Negros Oriental has two (2) famous mountains that mountaineers were looking forward to visit and shall stand at the highest peak of -- from my left is the Mt. Talinis and right is Mt. Canlaon.
An enormous feeling having the chance to step on to one of highest mountain of Cebu, Mt. Lanaya Alegria.

Travel buddies at Mt. Lanaya...

An indicative to having great sense of privilege in to this peak...

The befriending of mountains and mountaineers...
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Discovering Kabang River and Kabang Falls/Budlaan Falls...
Trailing the Kabang River or passing the Budlaan Falls is not an easy task and or easy walk like in a Mall or so. It’s imperative even to ace mountaineers/river trekkers that every individual should be packed with care as this might put oneself at risk if you’re misguided. In this kind of adventure, nobody will be left nor no one should dare to leave others in the group. It is a common course and role in a group that’s about helping a hand to individual who’s in difficulty to pass each trail.

Don’t make your steps with vulnerability. Must not get yourself into rush in this kind of adventure. Most dangerous when it’s raining and the river is expecting to flow heavier and uncontrollable. Considering there are many bad instances that could harm oneself when weather is bad.

How To Get There?
From Talamban proper (13C or 13B jeepneys), stop over infront of Sunny Hills Subdivision (presumably drivers were familiar of the landmark). Don’t get inside of the subdivision. From there head on to the other side where there’s another road. There are available Habal-habal drivers that will take you off to Kabang proper. Trekkers will then start their journey. Or check out post from other blogs the direction on how to get through to Budlaan Falls.

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Mountain View Nature's Park is partly located at Busay, Cebu City in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

Mainly features and offers camping sites, gardens, retreat and seminar halls, cottages, children’s park, swimming pool, botanical garden, picnic tables, countless benches of different variations, videoke, jukebox, bunk-houses, mini-zoo, hanging bridges, viewing decks, a canteen, mini-restaurants, the new Way of the Cross area, Christmas Park, Obstacle race and much much more. There are available stay-in rooms to choose from located in different areas.

An entrance fee of Php 50.00 you can avail it’s magnificent view and roam around the place for perfect satisfaction. Plus you’ll get an intimate relax while chatting with your friends and or loved ones in their cozy cottages and countless benches located in different areas.

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Santiago Bay, Camotes Island
Itineraries in going to the Island
  • There are different ways to access to Camotes Island. Aznar boat is traveling daily to the Island from Pier 2 (Cebu Port) at 9:00am. The other means in going off to the Island is at Danao City and it is heading North of Cebu. Travel starts at 6:00am and onward. Ouano Wharf at Looc, Mandaue City travels daily at 1:00pm.
  • Travel time in going to Danao is more than an hour from the City or at White Gold House terminal via jeepney#27.
  • From Danao City port the boat’s travel time will take about 2-3 hours depending on the sea’s temperament.
  • At Camotes Island dock you still have to ride on a Motorcycle for hire or “Habal-habal” in Visayan dialect in order to reach to your destination. And if you are not arranged yet with your agenda, the drivers can help you out and to guide you off to where are the famous stay-in Hotels or to affordable stay-in area. You can also make an arrangement by them in taking you to there tourist spots and by picking you up also as soon as you wanted to leave and return at Camotes dock.

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